Sugarmill Version 1.0 Is Here

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Word of thanks!

First of all, let me give a huge shoutout to the incredible support this
community has provided to the game. We had a lot of feedback! It was
awesome to interact with the players and sometimes achieving feedback
or bug reports in less than an hour felt like we were working

The Excitement is massive can’t believe after so long I can finish the game. I’m now a seasoned Developer and Game Developer lol. Being doing this for a while wow! I can’t believe it!

A lot of changes in the GUI of the game. All the reports, inventories
and the Main menu is being overhauled and revised

A few things were changed in the game based on the early access player’s
feedback and suggestions!

French, German and Spanish are being added to the game and the final
touches are in the way. I need greenlight for a few things but soon
will have those in.

Managing time is one of the hardest things a self-employed person can do.
Can believe spent so long doing this
Thank you all very much

Keep the Sugarmill going

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Ver 0.9 – Full Release Dec 19, 2019

16 Days for Full Release!
Hi Pals!

Here we are another install of the series! And almost there
the main new things are this:

-The date is now (Mmm/Y)
-Removed, achievements button on the main menu, fishing build
-Padding on tutorial window
-Tutorial arrows 3x bigger
-Change Tutorial window area
-Active tab on building window color changes and preselect depending on the type of building
-Person window active tab like building menu
-StandLamp is now Stand Lamp
-Pause game on the space key
-Water on fountains move more

Please keep the feedback coming!

Keep it going, guys!
Thanks for the awesome support!