Steam Greenlight set to: Mar 10th 2016

Happily announcing after 1 year and half the game will come to Steam Greenlight Mar 10th 2016.

Really excited about it.!

Being testing the game lately and have had not issues. Now need to implement a few more things and work in performance as well. portada2 copy



4 thoughts on “Steam Greenlight set to: Mar 10th 2016

  1. I’ve been following this game on Steam. I just found this website, looking for any news. I’m glad to hear it’s going to Greenlight. Just a small suggestion – not sure how many people know about this website, but perhaps you may get more of following if you post any updates on your Steam page 🙂
    Keeping an eye on this game..looks like something I’d like to play. Keep up the great work!.

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    • Thanks for your nice words. Is being a really long journey, but the game is getting there. Yesterday tested for over 12 hours and didn’t get any bugs. So I’m happy about it.

      About steam, indeed I’m going to do so. I will make an announcement of the Greenlight day one week or two prior Mar 10.



      • Glad to hear the testing went well 🙂 I know most players would prefer a smooth running game, rather than a game that was rushed to release. So don’t rush it 🙂 Going to keep my eye on here, good work so far 🙂

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