What is SugarMill?

SugarMill is a 3d city building game, created on the Unity Engine. I started working on it during the Summer of 2014. Initially I wanted to create a city building game but with a bit more military action. But I then thought it would not be that much fun and hence decided to switch the game to a 3d platformer. So still using the same Unity project, ¬†I started working on the 3d platformer until December 2014. However that is when I again decided that it was not cool and fun, additionally¬† the amount of work to make it look awesome will be as much as I anticipated in the city building game. Then I had a discussion with my spouse and in this discussion I decided to pursue the idea of creating an awesome 3d city building game. A year later after I have created the Unity project I have completed some important phases of the game. I have done the Camera, Terrain, Buildings and now working you could say on one of the most crucial phases which is the behavior of the people in the game. When I say done I’m strictly referring to the Programming portion of the game. I have done some art work but certainly will improve it some point. SugarMill will be based on the early centuries of the discovery and conquer of the new indies, America. You will start with a few individuals, shacks, homes, and from there you will make you city thrive.

The first thing you will need to master is to make sure you can produce enough food for your people and from there you should be able to trade with ships coming to your port and even building and selling ships, also the player will be able to import and export many resources and goods.

I’m aiming to have the game published for the end of 2015 or late 2016 spring.